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OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy – A No Holds Barred Review

Posted by OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy Staff on March 18, 2013


OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy – A No Holds Barred Review

greg and mikeBenefits and facts about OMG machines commission conspiracy

In today’s society, the old ways of doing things are being quickly replaced by the digital world. The thing is that computers have become a cliché in the business world. Many people are shifting to the electronic methods of doing things. The amazing thing is that even management is being done using computers. For that reason the experts have also decided to make marketing electronic. This has created many jobs and business opportunities for people.

If you are tired of working for a boss and having to do everything they say and exactly how they say to do it for very little money, then there is no need to worry. The reason is that there are very many ways of earning money directly from your home. In fact it is not just money but also big money.  Many people have changed their lives and built a brand new profitable online business following the teachings of Mike Long, Greg Morrison and David Mills.  There is a long list of success stories from students of Bring The Fresh, OMG Machines vBook and OMG No Holds Barred by these same internet marketers.  And now OMG commission conspiracy is a new product by these same guys.  In fact Mike Long calls this a “wallet friendly masterpiece” that “is designed to be an inexpensive “front end” OMG product that anybody can afford.”


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If you have never heard of a course that trains people about online marketing, then  you will soon learn how well this course does exactly that. It gives you the necessary skills that you need in order to promote companies through search engine optimization, email marketing, video & Youtube marketing, affiliate marketing and web design. One of the main topics covered in this course is the email marketing. You are able to market a product through the internet by ranking your website promoting that product or service at the top of Google and the other search engines. This has been one of the major improvements in the marketing sector and has helped many companies to increase their sales as well as their profits.

You do not need to be a skilled computer scientist in order to work online.  In fact you don’t even need to be an internet guru or geek.  This is emphasized all throughout this course. You are given step by step and over the shoulder training that does not require very great computer expertise.  All you need to know is how to use the internet and that is all.  By taking the course you will be able to identify the major fields that suit you best and also where the best opportunities are.

You can then position yourself as an expert in those niches.  In fact you can even leverage the expertise of the results that Greg Morrison and Mike Long have achieved since they are your mentors in this course.  And all of these guys, as well as all of the different students of their courses, are just ordinary folks.  So basically you can see that if Greg and Mike and David can do, so can you & I.  In fact that is one of the greatest things about this course — that Greg & Mike have provided extensive “over the shoulder” videos that show you step-by-step the ins and outs of the various aspects of online marketing.

The other key topic that is covered in the OMG machines commission conspiracy is web design of both free sites like Squidoo and full blown hosted websites that use the WordPress framework. You realize that in most of the cases, marketing is usually done using website. It therefore means that you will need to know more about the design of websites. This gives you a higher rank in the online marketing. You are able to create your own website where you can promote your products and services. You may also do the promotion for other companies thereby increasing the sources of income.

The OMG machines commission conspiracy is considered to be the most effective method of gaining knowledge about the online working. You should make sure that if you need to work for the international companies at the comfort of your home, you take this course. It will boost your chances as many are looking for these opportunities and the companies have shifted from taking anyone to looking for those with qualifications like the students of this course will have.

The other issue is that you will be able to boost the quality of the work that you do. If you are currently working as an online marketer, you realize that there is a need for improvement if you have not gone through training. The thing is that there are many things that you need to know about online marketing that you cannot get just like that. The OMG machines commission conspiracy is a course made by experts and professionals of all kind. They are able to bring ideas that govern online marketing and if you take it you are assured of being one of the best online marketers there are in the field.


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The course is time sensitive. Though it has a lot of content that it teaches you, you can finish it within a short time. This is made possible by the fact that it is arranged in a systematic way.  In short, the knowledge that is used in most of the parts is introduced first in that the other parts of the study become easy to pursue. For this reason you should never worry about when to finish it or how long it will take you to complete the commission conspiracy by Mike Long & Greg Morrison.

In the internet marketing there are very many risks that you are exposed to. For example there are those that are related to the computer and those that affect you directly. All these are explained in the course and you are given a hint on how to deal with them. By so doing you are able to become a successful online marketer.

The things that make this course unique is that it borrows some of its content for the past courses. This means that it is very wide. The wider it is the more informative it is. It is very helpful to experience people as well as to those who are fresh in the field. For that reason there is a need to take it as it is helpful. Many people who have taken it usually comment positively in their blogs and other places. This is very commendable and you should also aim to become part of the community that has gone through commission conspiracy by Mike Long & Greg Morrison.

The benefits of OMG machines commission conspiracy are very many. In fact to get them all you just need is to take the course. You will be amazed at how well you are capable of earning a lot as well as helping others by informing them about the goods in the market. This will boost your income as well as the living standards. Many people have tried it and you should also try it out and see the benefits.


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Here are some of my current results for using the techniques that I have learned from Greg Morrison & Mike Long.  First off you are reading this article because I am on page 1 of google for various search phrases for OMGMCC.  Now let me show you some screenshots from google for one search phrase for this product.  Let me also say that I’m not a graphics pro, wizard or guru.  My passion is purely SEO – it just captivates me.  I have up to 4 spots on page one for various search phrases.

Google Search OMGCC1

Google Search OMGCC2

Below is a video clip from a recent OMG Red Carpet Webby where Mike Mckay shares how he was recently able to quit his job a few months after he began to apply what he learned in OMG Machines & OMG No Holds Barred. He shares how he started before leaving his position in the sales and management industry. In the video, Mike Long congratulates him for a job well done and for making that great decision of not just buying the product — but of putting it into action. Mckay was really surprised how his day job began to take too much of his time but when that he is on his own everything is going well. He was very happy that he is staying home and got the chance to spend time with his kids and wife.

A Sneak Peek Into Commission Conspiracy

Posted by OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy Staff on March 18, 2013

A pre-launch version of the OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy sales page has been released.  So I will give you a mini-review of this new internet marketing product.  In my opinion as someone who has already seen Bring The Fresh, OMG Machines vBook and OMG No Holds Barred, I am finding this to be a perfect complement and addition to these previous products by Mike Long, Greg Morrision and David Mills.


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Probably the big question that I see on the FSO Forum is, “Do I need to get both OMG Machines Shortcut vBook AND Commission Conspiracy?”  Well let me ask you this question, “How much do you want to dominate the Search Engines, get high conversions, build responsive email lists, sell your services to offline local businesses, and so much more?”  In other words, “how big of a business do you want to build and how quickly do you want to build it?”

From my experience I can’t really recommend one over the other.  It’s not one versus the other.  But I would say that they both stand on their own.  But they also complement and add to each other.  Regarding getting one product over the other, I would say that they are both quality products and stand on their own.  I truly believe that you won’t be disappointed with either one.

Now regarding this product, let me also say this about OMG CC – it is actually two products in one.

So right off you will notice that there is a Part 1 and a Part 2 to this product.  So you can either get one or the other or both of these sections to the product.  You can see from the Forum Special Offer for this product that it includes

Below is a mock graphic of Part 1 of the course.

OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy Part 1

And here is a graphic of Part 2 of the course.

OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy Part 2


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Here’s some screenshots of my current results for ranking not just a website, but I am ranking multiple sites on page one for various search phrases for OMGCC.   Currently I have between 1 and 4 spots on page one depending on what you are searching for related to OMGCC.  I’ve also got a Press Release and a Web 2.0 site ranking on page one for some keywords for OMGCC.

Take a look at this!

My Google Search for OMGCC Mike Long1

My Google Search for OMGCC Mike Long1


And here is a short video clip by one of the OMG students.  Tony Husted shares how he closed a blockbuster deal. He had a customer who had relied on his own reputation.  And when he explained to his  client that something needs to be done he was able to close the deal in the next hour.

OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy Is Coming

Posted by OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy Staff on March 16, 2013

OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy Is Coming

OMG Machines Commission ConspiracyAfter almost one month since announcing their upcoming OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy product, Mike Long and Greg Morrison this past week held their Massive Internal Q’n'A Red Carpet Webby: SHOCK AND AWE.

On this Red Carpet Webby they pulled back the curtains on this new product and showed exactly what is contained in Commission Conspiracy.  I have bought it myself and will be providing more info about it to you right after I have gone through it myself.

Purchase Commission Conspiracy HERE

But let me just say that this is a great course whether you are just getting into online or offline marketing or any aspect of internet marketing and even if you are a seasoned pro.  There is so much training provided in this course that I will need at least one or two more blog posts and maybe even some videos to get into all of what it contains.

So keep your eyes peeled to this site for more up to the minute information.

Here’s what we do know so far -

OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy will go live on March 20, 2013. It provides comprehensive training on video production, Youtube video SEO for ranking your videos, Squidoo lense training, Mike Long’s Expert Email Marketing Training, and much, much more…

We’ll be giving you the details as more become available and I’ll be creating one or more videos highlighting the members site for Commission Conspiracy, so stay tuned.


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